Enterobacter cloacae subspecies dissolvens
  NRRL B-154 (Type Strain)
    Accession numbers in other collections: ATCC 23373=CIP 105586=DSM 16657=JCM 6049=LMG 2683=W-4
    Source: Waldee, E. L. (Iowa State Coll, Ames, IA)
    Growth media: Tryptone-Glucose-Yeast Extract Agar (number 1)
    Optimum growth temperature: 26C
    Comments: W-4 is Waldee number; corn stalk rot pathogen
    Biosafety Level: 1
  This strain is a regulated plant pathogen. An APHIS PPQ 526 permit is required for distribution in the United States. For international requests, an importation permit or an official letter from the appropriate government agency declaring that a permit is not required must be provided in advance of shipment.

Agricultural Research Service (NRRL)Culture Collection - March 31, 2023