Actinoplanes derwentensis
  NRRL B-16692 (Type Strain)
    Accession numbers in other collections: ATCC 49798=DSM 43941=Goodfellow LA107=IFO 14935=IMSNU 22122=JCM 7556=KCTC 9254=NBRC 14935=NCIMB 12875
    Source: Kroppenstedt, R. M. (DSMZ as DSM 43941)
    Isolated from (substrate): river sediment
    Substrate location: River Derwent, UK
    Growth media: N-Z Amine with Soluble Starch and Glucose Agar (number 20)
    Optimum growth temperature: 28C

Agricultural Research Service (NRRL)Culture Collection - June 29, 2022