Streptomyces colombiensis
  NRRL B-1990 (Type Strain)
    Accession numbers in other collections: ATCC 27425=CBS 755.72=DSM 40558=IFO 13454=ISP 5558=JCM 4675=JCM 4740=Merck MA-52=NRRL B-1990=RIA 1415=RIA 739
    Source: Woodruff (Merck and Co.)
    Growth media: Yeast Extract-Malt Extract Agar (ISP 2) (number 10)
    Optimum growth temperature: 28C
    Comments: type strain of S. columbiensis; shown to be a subjective synonym of S. lavendulae based on DNA relatedness
    Biosafety Level: 1

Agricultural Research Service (NRRL)Culture Collection - September 27, 2023