Amycolatopsis umgeniensis
  NRRL B-24724 (Type Strain)
    Accession numbers in other collections: UM16
    Source: P. Meyers, Univ. of Capetown, South Africa as UM16
    Isolated from (substrate): soil
    Substrate location: bank of Umgeni River, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
    Growth media: Yeast Extract-Malt Extract Agar (ISP 2) (number 10)
    Optimum growth temperature: 28C
    Strain images:
  • NRRL_B-24724_10.JPG
  •     Comments: 16S rRNA gene sequence: DQ110876. gyrB gene sequence: EUXXXXX.
        Biosafety Level: 1

    Agricultural Research Service (NRRL)Culture Collection - February 20, 2024